Sunday, November 13, 2016

Project- My Mascot

My Project
  1. What is a mascot?  
A mascot can be an animal, person, a stuffed toy or an object that represents a school or a county or a team.
A mascot is to encourage and support.
The first mascot came from France and was called Misha

How to Make a Paper Mache Kiwi
First we blew up two balloons, one big for the body and a smaller one for the head.
Next we paper mache both balloons with small pieces of paper and glue.   

 Then  we glue the head to the body , and strengthen it with paper mache ,and left it to dry.   2.
The next step was to make the beck where we used a piece of roll up cardboard, which was taped tightly so it would keep its shape.The next step was to make the legs, which were made out of toilet rolls.At the bottom of the toilet roll we cut out feet with the scissors .

Next was to glue the feet and beck on , and also paper mache used also. And then we painted the kiwi brown. The next thing to do was to glue the two eyes on the head.
The last step was to glue the feathers onto the kiwi.

How I felt.
This was a project i really enjoyed doing .I had to design the kiwi out cardboard and balloons and mache and build this bird.
This made me feel proud that i had created something by myself.

Learning muscles you used pride.
I had to use my persevering and problem solving muscle to think my way through making my mascot kiwi.    


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